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How does cash back offer work?

What is cash back offers? When any cashback company offers cash back rewards, it means that the cardholder receives a certain fixed percentage cashback on every purchase . If a cashback website offers 20percent cashback on every purchase, for example, you’ll earn 20 percent cash back rewards for every rupee you spend.

What happens when you ask for cash back ?

For example, a customer purchasing Rs.4000 worth of product from any cashback website and they offer you 40% rewards or cashback . They would pay 40% of 4000 as cash or rewards along with their product. 

How do you calculate cash back?

To calculate the cash back rate, divide the whole value by the amount you need to spend.

How to order correctly and get cashback?

  1. Signup / Login on CashhLo. This step is required to avail Cashback
  2. Shop on any Store Through CashhLo
  3. After purchase from cashhlo , provide product name
  4. Get Cashback in your account
  5. Transfer to Bank as Real Cash

How to apply for payout?

  1. Go to the “withdrawal funds” section of your Cashhlo account.
  2. Choose the Bank Account to withdraw.
  3. Submit the Bank details and amount to withdraw.
  4. Your withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours.